Centralized food directory for urban growers

Building community, connecting local community farmers with their customers

PASARKITA is the 1st Malaysia based technology company offering urban gardeners to grow and sell online pesticide free vegetables, fruits and herbs from garden to table. Our urban gardeners are from residents association, organisations, institutions, schools and home owners deliver fresh produce to buyers.

PASARKITA was launch in early March 2018. The idea of PASARKITA was to assist bottom 40% income groups, retiree and housewife to earn extra income in urban areas


Pasarkita emphasizes on addressing the importance of job creation as well as the collation and application of quality data trends for the benefit of users, communities and policymakers.

Our goal is to address urban food security through Pasarkita online community-supported agriculture platform. The platform provide economic opportunities for all urban communities.

– Pasarkita Team

Eddie Rose   CEO

Clara Mitchelle   PR Lead

We bring you only the best quality products

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We partner only with organic or natural farms

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